A film exploring the gritty horrors of an abusive childhood on a New Addington estate is due to be released.

The Kid, directed by Nick Moran, and based on the autobiographical book by Kevin Lewis, tells the story of how the author and his brothers and sisters were systematically abused by his parents.

Beaten and starved at home and bullied at school, Lewis fell into a life of crime, earning the nickname “the Kid” in London’s underground boxing scene.

Despite his hardships he managed to turn his life around and is now a successful crime writer, happily married with two children.

Best known for appearing in Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, The Kid is Moran’s second foray into directing.

It was filmed in north London and in the iconic Surrey Street market in Croydon.

Up to 500 residents appear as extras in the film, which was also shot in two of the borough’s night clubs and in St George’s Walk.

The film has been critically acclaimed at film festivals around the around, including Croydon’s film festival in April.

The film boasts an all-star cast with Rupert Friend, best known for steaming up the screen in The Young Victoria, appearing as the adult Lewis. In order to take on the role, he had to learn to box.

In an interview with the Evening Standard Mr Moran said he sent the actor to Steve Collins, middleweight boxing champion, to learn the art pugilism.

The sporting champ reportedly took one look at Rupert Friend and called him “a handbag” before booking him in for a fight.

Natasha McElhone plays the villain of the piece as Kevin’s abusive, drunken mother and dressed for her part by with false teeth and terrible glasses.

Con O’Neill, who had to eat an entire Viennetta every night to gain 35lb for his role, and Ioan Gruffud also star.