Elmbridge Council has confirmed the resignation of Conservative Councillor Doug Packer, who represented the Hersham North ward.

Fellow ward councillor Ian Donaldson told the Elmbridge Guardian Mr Packer, a computer consultant, had moved to Paris due to work commitments.

Coun Donaldson said: "He got the opportunity to go back to Paris for work. They wanted him back so he's gone, unfortunately for us."

Mr Packer was first elected as a councillor in 2008.

In his first year in office, he went to only six of 12 scheduled council meetings, meaning he had the joint lowest record of attendence out of all the councillors.

He told the Elmbridge Guardian in June 2009 his bad record was due to the recession, saying he was forced to be overseas during the week, when council meetings took place.

He said: "Whenever I can, I attend the meetings I can get to. I have to go to different countries when the meetings have taken place.

"I put a lot of effort [into council work] at the weekend. The business overseas is likely to reduce again and the attendance will rise."

A date for an election to select his successor has yet to be announced.