On the occasions when I can’t make it to a Bees match I am always put in something of a bind.

Of course, I desperately want Brentford to win and I will follow the action as best I can.

In the old days it was all Teletext and ClubCall and now, like many others, I turn to the internet for my updates.

If it transpires that Brentford lose then, like President Ahmadinejad dealing with an election defeat, I do a great job of pretending it never happened but, if we pick up a win, I can’t help but feel that I’ve really missed out.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to Griffin Park to watch Brentford’s magnificent victory over Sheffield Wednesday on Sunday as I was in the car on my way back from a weekend away in Norfolk, but thanks to whoever it was at Sky Sports who decided that the Bees versus the Owls was a clash that the nation couldn’t afford to miss and so put it on the telly, I was able to catch the second half of the match during a pit stop at my auntie and uncle’s house in sunny Bracknell.

After dealing with the frankly unexpected problem of having my blind 96-year-old granny sitting bang in front of the flat screen (don’t worry, there was no Switzerland style euthanasia adminstered to sort out the problem, merely a hasty rearranging of furniture), I was able to settle down and watch the game, and most enjoyable it was too.

As anyone who read the column last week will attest, there was plenty to be worried about going into the Wednesday game but, thankfully, my fears proved unfounded.

The defence was as solid as a rock, with Karleigh Osborne the star of the show.

Michael Spillane also looked very good and his inclusion at right back allowed Kevin O’Connor to return to centre midfield, shoring up an area of the pitch where we have looked vunerable in recent weeks.

With this solid platform to build on, Brentford were able to launch some excellent attacks and, if we had run out winners by two or three goals, no one connected to Sheffield Wednesday would have had any cause for complaint.

It is now imperative that we build on this win. After our similarly excellent victory over Hull City, we contrived to play like a bunch of imbeciles against Rochdale and, if we are serious about mounting a promotion challenge this season, then we can’t afford to do that again at Bristol Rovers on Saturday.