With three restaurant outlets already booming across south London you could be forgiven for thinking businesswoman Neelofar Khan already has enough on her plate.

But the Chilli Chutney chain owner has decided to bring a slice of The East to Croydon by opening an exotic tea and food store in the heart of town.

Based out of the Allders department store in North End, her new Chai Corner shop offers parched customers more than a dozen types of tea, ranging from fruit variations to Asian fusion with cloves and cinnamon.

The outlet, which is designed to resemble a far eastern tea garden, also offers a diverse menu of Asian cuisine and more traditional English foods.

Although the Croydon shop is an off-shoot of the Chilli Chutney chain, which already has a presence in Allders, the experience is designed to capture Sri Lankan rather than Pakistani culture with tea served in a traditional style by Chaiwallas.

Mrs Khan said: “'We are so happy to open at Allders, in what is Croydon's biggest and most famous landmark.

“Chai Corner promises an exotic haven where we invite guests to come and experience the mystic East at the same time as sampling our delicious family-favourite food.”