A family torn apart by three suicides has been dealt another devastating blow, after a relative was found dead of a suspected accidental drug overdose.

Twenty-six-year-old Emily Borau was found dead in her Vauxhall flat on August 1, after suffering a heart attack.

Her death comes three years after her two sisters killed themselves, and five years after the suicide of her father.

Seventeen-year-old sister Isabel, known as Izzy, was discovered dead in her flat in Benhill Avenue, Sutton, on November 12, 2006.

Ten weeks later Anna Borau was found in her Crawley flat after taking her own life on January 11, 2007.

Both sisters hanged themselves, and now share a grave in a Sutton cemetery.

Their death followed the suicide of their father Peter in 2005.

In an exclusive interview the only surviving sister of Emily told how she had drawn strength from her sister following the deaths of her other siblings.

Jenny Borau, 21, said: “Emily knew the importance of life and wanted to spread her wings and see everything.

“I don’t want to think about her never being here again.”

Mother Kate Borau, 58, from Sutton said: “I’m a mother who is devastated, damaged and destroyed.”

Emily Borau’s family was just beginning to recover from the loss of two daughters when tragedy struck again.

Their mother Kate Borau, 58, an intensive care nurse, said she had learned to smile again and had started to wear bright clothes.

Friends and colleagues told her how much “brighter and better” she looked.

But now she is struggling to contain her grief after former Nonsuch High School pupil Emily died of a suspected accidental drug overdose.

She said: “I was starting to feel positive about enjoying life again and smiling.

“And now this. But I know they are all together and I know I will see them again. Not yet, though.”

Emily’s sister Jenny Borau, 21, told how her sibling embodied strength after the death of their two sisters.

She said: “Emily was so strong, she had strength tattooed on her back in Thai.

“Her motto was carpe diem – live for the day; that’s how much she loved life.”

She said Emily, who was an IT saleswoman, was considering going to university to become a dietician after going travelling and “re-evaluating her life”.

Miss Borau, who is now taking time off from her degree in criminology and criminal justice to help care for her mother, said her sister was passionate about drum and bass music, Chelsea Football Club and her family.

She said: “Our bond grew since my two sisters died.

“It was just us two but both of us grew up and realised that we had been through the same thing.

“She told me we would get further in life because of what happened to us, because we knew how important life was. She said nothing would affect us.”

Kate Borau, who also has a 10-year-old son, Johannes, said: “When Emily walked into the room, it was like someone turned on the lights.

“She was loved, she was quick-witted, she was stubborn, she was intelligent, she was bright and she stood up for her rights.

“Emily was always telling me I was her inspiration for carrying on in life. I used to say ‘I love you’ and she used to say ‘I love you more’.

“Dance and sing with the angels, Emily.”

Both women told how the death of Emily from drugs had left the family devastated.

Miss Borau said: “Me and my mum weren’t aware she was taking drugs. We thought she had done it in her past, but she had moved on.

“If her mum and her sister didn’t know, there must be other people out there who don’t know their sons or daughters or sisters are doing drugs.

“You might think you’re invincible, but drugs change all of that.”

Kate Borau said: “Drugs kill. Drugs destroy. They destroy your life and families and friends as well.”

Isabel Borau was a bright 17-year-old who had just gained her GCSE English at grade B before she was discovered dead in her flat in November 2006.

At the time her sister Anna, 21, who was later to kill herself, said: “She was such a bright friendly person. She had a real spark about her and had so much energy. Everyone knew her, we couldn’t walk down the street without someone coming to say hello.”

But 10 weeks later aspiring model Anna was found in her Crawley flat after taking her own life on January 11.

She had moved back to Sutton from Crawley for two months after Isabel’s death to help her mother and siblings deal with the first blow.

Surviving sister Jenny said she would never understand why her sisters had taken their own lives.

She said: “I have learned to cope with not understanding.”