A curryholic missed his favourite meal from a restaurant in Epsom so much he asked for it to be delivered - almost 1,500 miles away.

The customer, who could not bear to be apart from his favourite curry for too long, persuaded a friend to pick it up from Le Raj restaurant and bring it to his house in Greece.

His friend went in at dinner time last Thursday to pick up the food and went straight to the airport to take the curry with him.

The food had been prepared, cooled down, sealed in special food containers to keep in all the flavours and taken on the plane all the way to Greece.

Le Raj manager, Runu Abdul, said: "We have been receiving many such requests over the years - even sending one curry to California.

"The reason we can do this and others can’t is that we match the customer’s requirements and choose only the right dishes and ingredients that can travel well over long distance.

"It is important we use only natural colours as well. We are delighted to have been able to deliver this curry to Greece even though it is over 1,450 miles away."

Award-winning restaurant Le Raj has been catering to local diners for 22 years. In these two decades many of them have moved out to various countries abroad.

Owner Enam Ali said: "They can’t forget the flavour and taste of the Le Raj meals they used to have regularly.

"It is mostly these people who order such deliveries once in a while so they can go down their culinary memory lanes.

"Then word of mouth spreads to friends in those countries and we often get people coming in saying they have been recommended by so and so in Dubai or Australia."