Angry residents have criticised the council’s decision to show their solution to local traffic problems a red light.

People in Wimbledon’s Toynbee Road, Burstow Road and Dennis Park Crescent want a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) with free short term parking for visitors, which they say would allow friends and family to visit for free but stop commuters clogging up the their streets.

However, a recently launched council consultation on introducing a CPZ in the area does not include this option.

Burstow Road residen Carol Carey said: “Lots of people park in our road and go to the station every day - we know because it’s quiet on Saturday and Sunday.”

Councillor David Dean said free short term parking was available in other nearby roads - and claimed the council was wasting £40,000 on a consultation that didn’t include the option that most residents wanted.

But councillor Andrew Judge, cabinet member for environmental sustainability and regeneration, said officers had advised him free short term parking was only enforcable in areas regularly patrolled by traffic wardens.

He added: “We will ensure that residents have all the facts at their disposal so they are able to make an informed decision. If the majority of residents don’t want a CPZ, we will not impose one on them.”