A rapper from Cheam who recently took Glastonbury by storm has now set his sights on next month’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Mr B, The Gentleman Rhymer, dazzled hundreds of fans in Somerset last month and will now head north of the border to take up a month-long residency in the Scottish capital.

But the self-styled country gent is not your average hip-hop artist because he raps about high society, cricket and pipe-smoking and is accompanied by his beloved banjolele.

The former Sutton Grammar School student has even created his own musical genre called Chap-Hop which he describes as “reconnecting hip-hop with the Queen's English”.

He said: “Hip-hop of course was my primary inspiration, but it was something of a culmination of other things I had done in the past.

“I had rapped in hip-hop bands, played the banjolele in a silly covers band and been in a Sutton-based dandy-punk band so I just thought I'd throw the whole lot together and see what happened.

“I primarily use a banjolele (or banjo-ukulele), much like George Formby. I also dabble in the soprano trombone simply because it's the only instrument sillier than the banjolele.”

Having spent his formative musical years in a variety of bands and collaborations including Collapsed Lung, who had a 1996 hit with Eat My Goal, Mr B came into fruition in 2007.

He lists his musical influences as hip-hop legends Chuck D, The Beasties Boys, KRS-One and the Def Jam mob and these inspired some of his tracks including Straight Outta Surrey and Let Me Smoke My Pipe.

Mr B has even compiled an hilarious “diss track” called Timothy about the mysterious development of radio DJ Tim Westwood’s accent since they went to public school together.

The Gentleman Rhymer described his perfect day in his old stamping ground as “Sunday lunch at Mater's and a stroll around Nonsuch Mansion, followed by a swift half in The Harrow and perhaps a good old Ruby Murray at the Star afterwards.”

And the moustache-clad has not ruled out a homecoming gig one day in the future. He said: “I would love to pop along and play at Nonsuch Mansion. I think that would be most fitting. No doubt I'll end up at the Secombe Centre, but that's marvellous too.”

Mr B will be performing his show Me! Me! Me! at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at the Ghillie Dhu from August 6-26.

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