This is a day of shame for the Conservative council. For these cuts to be introduced in the same week that Councillor Fisher has awarded himself a 34 per cent pay rise, to be taken this year or next, shows the cynicism within the Conservative administration.

These cuts for the voluntary sector are the most savage we have seen in Croydon and they come at a time when David Cameron is talking about his Big Society and the important role of the voluntary sector. It is an absolute disgrace.

We were calling for the CEDC to be closed down a year ago. The Conservatives told us we were wrong and invested more than £1m in propping up a failing organisation.

Politics is about choices. These are tough times but the council is still proceeding with its new headquarters, its council newspaper and a huge monthly bill for consultants.

We are calling on the Conservatives to rethink these cuts and urging everyone involved attend the council meeting on Monday, July 19, to make their voices heard.

Tony Newman Leader of the Labour group