Last week I suggested that if England were to beat Germany it would only be by the narrowest of margins. What a pointless bit of conjecture that proved to be.

As we all know, the team showed all the courage of an Italian soldier, producing a catastrophic performance against a developing German side who we made look like Brazil circa-1970.

The failure to award England’s legitimate equalising goal merely heaped a big spoonful of salty injustice into our wounds but, still, it’s nice that Stevie Wonder can take time out from headlining Glastonbury to run the line at a World Cup match.

The phantom goal not withstanding, the lack of effort, commitment and quality was startling to behold and just when I thought I had enough reasons to loathe John Terry, Ashley Cole and the rest of that ghastly mob, they just had to go and up the ante.

Thankfully, it was the kind of performance us Bees supporters haven’t had to put up with too often in the past couple of seasons, but we’ve certainly had to endure our fair share of dire displays over the years.

When you have spent time out of your busy life to go to Peterborough to watch your team lose 7-0 in a Division Four match, you can pretty much cope with anything football has to throw at you.

So, while people were storming out of the the pub in fury and indignation as the German goals were flying in, I was able to calmly sip my lager top and watch the match to its bitter end.

In fact, after a day or so, I was able to forget the whole England debacle and throw myself back into the far more enjoyable task of supporting Brentford. Although it is probably too early to say the new season is “merely weeks away”, there is no harm in getting excited.

Brentford’s run of friendlies will help us get back in the swing of things – I know that plenty of supporters don’t bother going to these games but I, on the other hand, am sad enough to enjoy them.

This season’s line-up includes matches against Wycombe Wanderers and Crystal Palace, with the undoubted highlight of the programme being Fulham’s visit to Griffin Park for Kevin O’Connor’s testimonial.

Our beloved neighbours, having only just wiped away the tears after their hilarious defeat to Atletico Madrid in the Europa Cup final, are now having to get used to life without their excellent gaffer Woy Hodgson.

I’m sure all Bees fans will join me in sending them our sympathy – we really feel for you, boys, honest.