Exams are over, school has ended, and the long summer stretches ahead. But all the parties, holidays and shopping come at a price- which is why many of you may be considering a summer job. Although a job does not seem the most exciting prospect, having just finished working hard at school, it is very beneficial. Not only will you get extra spending money, but you will make new friends and gain a valuable life experience.

However, finding the right job for you can be difficult. You may wish to find a job which involves doing something which interests you- this way you will enjoy it more and gain more from the experience- for example, if you enjoy sports and being active, a job in a sports centre many interest you, like being a lifeguard. Or, if you enjoy working outside, a job in a garden centre could be good for you.

Finding a job could also be a way to stretch yourself- look for something which is out of your comfort zone, and will broaden your interests- for instance, if you spend most of your time inside on the computer, you may benefit from getting a job which involves working outside, or with other people, like in a shop or cafe.

If you are serious about getting a job you should compile a CV, which shows your qualities and qualifications, and will give a potential employer an idea of what you are like. CVs are easy to make, and the internet is a good place to look for templates and tips. Look around your local area for any jobs that are on offer- cafes and shops are a good to place to start- and don’t be afraid to go into places and ask! Hand over your CV, to show that you are serious- this will impress employers. Be friendly and polite when talking to people- they are more likely to hire someone who is nice! Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get every job you apply, you may just not be what they are looking for.

You may not want serious employment, but there are still jobs you can do- perhaps you could provide a dog walking, or babysitting service in your area. This still gets you money, but doesn’t involve the commitment of employment and you may feel happier in a familiar environment. You could advertise your advertise your service by making leaflets and putting them through people’s letterboxes, or by simply talking to your neighbours.

There are so many options out there- there is a job to suit everyone. Whether you want casual employment or a proper part-time job, this is the perfect time for you to work- without the extra pressure of school and exams. So, think about the summer of spending- and the job that will fund your fun!