Police have warned schools across the borough to have staff manning the front gate, in the wake of an alleged child abduction in New Addington.

Officers have been visiting schools across Croydon, asking staff to make sure all their students are seen being dropped off and picked up by family members.

However, conflicting reports have been made about the alleged abduction and no-one has come forward to say their child has gone missing.

So far there have also been no missing person reports filed.

The 9-year-old boy who first reported the abduction is being interviewed today to ascertain what happened.

Two adults are also being interviewed after coming forward to police with new information.

Lisa Callow, who lives in Walton Green, said she and her son spoke to the boy just moments after the child was taken.

According to Mrs Callow the boy came running up saying a child had just been snatched by some men in a black 4x4.

Mrs Callow said: “My son and some of his friends went running out the house to try and get the car's registration but it sped off.

“The boy came running up to us and said some men had just shoved a boy into a car.”

The incident comes just weeks after Croydon Police admitted a paedophile gang could be trying to abduct young children in the area.

In Kenley, near the Hayes Primary School, an 11-year-old girl was chased by an Asian man who sped off in a small white car.

Similarly in in South Norwood, another Asian man in an old white car tried to pull a 14-year-old girl into a small white car. An Asian woman was sitting in the back with two Asian men in the front.

Police investigations continue.