196 Twickenham Detachment, previously located in Isleworth have moved to train to Whittons Knellar Hall while their old place gets renovated. Knellar Hall, a well-known stately home in Twickenham houses the Royal Military School of Music, where it trains musicians for the British Army. This gives a brilliant contrast and link between music and the honour of fighting in the army, while also providing the Army Cadets with the perfect domestics to continue on with their own training.

The army cadets spend their time training young people between ages of 12 and 18, developing them mentally, and physically, while preparing them for their future by showing the different paths available to them, simply by joining them. By helping different kinds of people build confidence and encourage teamwork, this will also inspire friendship and leadership abilities.

Rachel Moir, a member of over two years states how although “it is so tough” it is “so fulfilling when you finish one of the weekend trips”. She also mentions how she has made so many friends and built herself as a person, and is considering going in the army for later on in life.

If this could change one person’s perception of the Army, then could it not change yours? Sign up online, or contact your local Army Cadets branch.