A moving last day for the Year 11s of Gumley House Convent School, as other students and staff finally send off all the year 11s on their study leave. A day filled with mascara streaks, different coloured sharpie pens and A LOT of shouting.

Teachers actually being missed, and students actually apologising TO the teachers… it was a day everyone had been wanting to come since the first day they saw the distinctive brown uniform, but at the same time were wishing could just be prolonged just a little while longer. Shirts being signed in awkward places, smiles being worn whilst crying, and Teachers and Students involving in actual conversation, it could have only been those Gumley Girls embracing in one-last hugs, one-last pictures, one-last memories… As those embarrassing pictures right from Year 7 through to Year 11, slowly float through the power points made, (the final assembly as a whole) everyone looks around, feeling a kind of unity never really noticed before. A common sigh and thought is shared; We are THE Gumley Girls.

One thing is certain, this year 11 won’t ever be forgotten and all share the knowledge that they truly were the “best year 11 you could have”.