With voting going on all around the United Kingdom, and about 40 places hired to provide successful and easy to use voting booths, it’s no surprise that local St Philip and St James Church are using their hall as one of them. With locals scattered around the place, all is made easy now that this Church is within a 20 minute walk to everyone living in Whitton.

With all the chaos after with the temporary “hung parliament” and now current coalition between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, you can definitely assume that no one thought this would be the outcome when lining up and crossing one of those boxes in this Church’s hall.

Casey Hyland, a fellow local, says how she found the polling station a mere 2 minute walk from her house by Whitton High Street “very convenient” and then continues on to voice her opinion about how she “personally thought that with the early surge, Lib Dems would surely win it”

This polling station has been a part of Whitton for many years and will continue to do so, thanks to the gratitude of St Philip and St James’ Church.