In the half term around 30 students along with four teachers and four skiing instructors set off on a 22 hour Coach Journey to the snowy Austria! Accompanied by newly bought noisy nylon skiing jackets and trousers, and a massive yearn to try skiing for the first time or for some, go again! After 22 hours, in the same stuffy environment, you could say they would be somewhat exhausted and irritable? Not these girls! They were just as giddy and excited as they were when they first set sail across the channel on the ferry, if not, more. Driving into Söll, everyone was slightly doubtful about the hotel arrangements, with rumours circulating about “smelly receptions” and “horrible rooms” but once they got there, after a bit of confusion with rooms and apartments, people were settled and unable to sleep for the day ahead!

The first day experiences were a blur. From those more experienced on black slopes, to those just starting off on the beginning green patches of ice, everyone had an exhilarating, and almost surreal time! By the end of the week, along with one broken collarbone and several bruised legs, everyone was reluctant to leave and most admitted to having cried every day! Out of happiness or sorrow we could ask, but it could be assumed that it was to both!

Everyone had an absolutely invigorating time, which won’t be forgotten in a hurry!