With help from the The Department of Children, Schools and Families (DCSF), many boroughs are creating “natural spaces”, including one right here in Murray Park, in Whitton! Officially finished, and meeting to their deadline of March 31st 2010, the newly themed “skate park” in Whitton has already provided a safe escape for those beautiful summer days, where all you need is a couple of friends and a cold drink. Originally developed to attract 8-13 year olds, it is already making their park a more fun place to go and hang out.

But what are these play builders really?

It is a kind of space by the front of the park, with a cobbled pathway leading up to a mini skate park, on a soft hill of grass. Described as ways of “building opportunities to experience risk and challenge” and allowing “children of different ages to play together” by the Richmond borough online, there’s no doubt this is the extra something Murray Park has been wanting for a while. Murray Park is a beautiful yet highly underrated park, where children of all ages can come together in the earliest of mornings or the latest of evenings, and still feel comfortable in doing so. An amazing stretched out healthy park, with all the right equipment to provide a safe and handy experience for every person who visits.

With this new play builder, Murray Park is aching for you to come along and visit!