In the Summer of 2009, four hundred and forty Primary school students attended an Olympic sports day at St Mary's University College, Twickenham, run by sport leaders, including myself, from Gumley House Convent School, and by sport coaches from Brentford FC Community Sport Trust.

The day included many different activities like team building, tag rugby, multi-skills, football, golf and many more. The students would rotate around the courses throughout the day, whilst sport leaders from Gumley would supervise and assist trained sport coaches from Brentford FC Community Sports Trust, led by Luis Melville. They provided quality service for the children and the sport leaders throughout the day. In my opinion, they were a fantastic influence.

Each sport leader was allocated to a specific station; moreover, I was lucky enough to be put on multi-skills which was a circuit of sport activities in which different groups of the primary school students would rotate around. I had so much fun working on this station and I got to know some amazing people.

As a sport leader, I was given a unique t-shirt designed by Enterprise students from Gumley House who were said to have designed them "to embody the seven values of the Olympic movement".

The whole day was an amazing experience. I found that I learnt so much about how to cope and interact with younger children. From the trained sport coaches from Brentford FC Community Sports Trust, I think I learnt many specific training skills. It was a truly fantastic day.