Gumley House Convent School and Brentford City Learning Centre have joined together to create a study for the benefit of all students now and in the future.

Both Gumley and Brentford CLC have given thirty Gumley students iPhones to use in class to aid and develop their learning through the use of mobile technology.

The participating students will be able to access their "online learning environement and a multitude of learning resources, including podcasts and videos".

The iPhones will help the students to research during class; this will ultimately save money as textbooks will eventually not be needed. This, in turn, will save schools so much money each year, furthermore, this will also benefit the environement as there would be an automatic decrease of the amount of paper used.

Due to the many different applications or "apps" which the iPhone provides, the particpants in the study will be able to use these to help them with research for essays or even just class work. From having an iPhone myself, I know just how beneficial these outstanding pieces of technology are.

The students' iPhones will be on a specific contract where Internet usage will be free and they must not go under £1 or the iPhone will shut down. This unique deal will end when they will eventually have to give the phones back at the end of the school year. Ultimately, the iPhones are useful in so many ways; it's true what they say: "the iPhone can do up to almost anything".