The end of Year 11 is an emotionally challenging time for students; the pressure of exams combined with the sadness of leaving friends to move on to pastures new is a guaranteed recipe for tears. However, pupils at Gumley House Convent School in Isleworth shattered the sobriety in a novel way- by saying their goodbyes in fancy dress.

On the 26th of May, passers-by and younger pupils were “astounded and highly amused” by the swathes of dressed up Year 11s’ who decanted from neighbouring Redlees Park, where they had met beforehand to sign each other’s shirts and take photos of the momentous occasion. Amongst them were clowns, leopards, sailors, flowers and the Three Musketeers.

Students then attended an assembly to commemorate their 5 years at Gumley, within which each form presented a PowerPoint highlighting key events within their school careers. These also contained photos from throughout the years, which evoked both laughter and nostalgia from those assembled. Inevitably, tears were shed but it was a happy occasion nonetheless, standing as a reminder that whilst the Gumley days may be over for some, they are far from forgotten.

Year 11 will meet for a final time after their exams have finished on the 28th of June for their leavers mass, to celebrate the diverse range of talents within the year group and to wish the pupils success during the next stage of their lives, be it at Gumley or elsewhere.