By Community Correspondent Sonia Giga. Lampton School, Hounslow not only teaches its students the national curriculum but responsibilities as well. The school gives its most sensible and mature students a chance to learn about the world of work, by employing them as members of the lunch-hour support staff.

Sixth formers are chosen for some jobs because of their history of being reliable during school events and, or through an application process. Some students work in the pavilion on the tills and others are Lunch time supervisors who work alongside the other staff of Lampton School. Working alongside their teachers’ increases their confidence and communication skills allowing the students to learn how to deal with difficult situations.

Lunchtime supervisor and year 12 student Manvir Gill says: “This job has helped me learn about the value of money and that some jobs are not as easy as they look. It has shown me what the working world is like and I have new respect for the dinner ladies as I now know how difficult their jobs are”

For others such as Jaspreet Rehal the experience of working has “made me more mature and has given me an insight on how the working life works, I’ve learnt how to tackle tough situations in a civil manner and it’s taught me to be more confident with my peers.

The lunchtime jobs have also given students a sense of the value of money. Many of the students confess that earning their own income makes them more conscious of what they buy and how much they spend. And finally it gives them something useful to put in the employment history section of their CVs.