By Community Correspondent Sophie Swithinbank.

I looked through the window of a run-down shop at the end of my road, and to my surprise I saw a baby elephant. It was a beautifully painted model, partly covered in mosaic tiles and partly unfinished. I was curious about the elephant, but soon forgot about it. It was only when I went to the Southbank a few weeks later that I was reminded of the elephant at the end of my road. This was because there were about forty more elephant models along the Southbank, all uniquely, vibrantly and beautifully painted.

I discovered that they were all part of the Elephant Parade London 2010, organised by a charity called Elephant Family, an ambitious group working to save the Asian elephant from extinction. Each decorated by a different artist or celebrity, they grace many parks and street corners in London with their magnificent presence. There are 250 life-sized and brightly painted elephants hanging out in central London, and I highly recommend that everyone keeps an eye out for these unusual Londoners…they’re pretty hard to miss. The charity has produced a route map, so Londoners and tourists can follow the Elephant Parade around London.

All the elephants are for sale, and the money goes directly to saving the majestic creatures as quickly as possible, as the species are in imminent and grave danger of becoming extinct – the Asian Elephants require help from any Londoners or visitors to London who are willing to become involved. There will be two live auctions in June and July at Chelsea Royal Hospital, for all those who fancy an elephant in the room.