By Community Correspondent Roshini Fernando.

Nathan Johnson, who plays for the West London Saracens has received the awards of Player’s Player of the Season and the Manager’s Player of the Season after his first full season on the team.

West London Saracens won the P.D Division 3 Maradon Cup at the Middlesex County Football League, against their opponents Eutectic and have now been promoted to division two for the next season. It is the first time in the clubs history that they have been promoted and prior to their win at the final, they held no trophies. The current team consists of Jacob Fuller, Daniel Cleaton, Andrew Nye, Maruisz Kwiecinoili, Andrew Allen, Jihad Saleh, Piotr Pudio, Mishael Obozua, Nathan Johnson, David Jones, James Brewster, Mennar Saleh, Jay Turner, David Mensah, Roy Yousseff and Claude Cole.

Nathan, who has been labelled “the terminator”, only joined the Saracens last year, and his starting position was the left-wing player, because he is naturally left-footed. But he then quickly established himself as the centre mid-fielder, due to his team player and distribution skills. He is also currently the second highest goal scorer in the team. His manager, Majdi Saleh, describes him as having the ability to play the game well, but more importantly, read the game, understand the tactics and implement them perfectly.

The twenty two year old, after a successful season, managed to earn the respect of both his Team-mates and his manager by earning the Player’s Player of the Season, which was decided by his peers as well as the Manager’s Player of the Season. Nathan said, “I am proud to be a part of West London Saracens. I owe my success in the season to my manager, Sparks and also to my team mates. I am a team player and their encouragement and our work has made it possible for me to do as well as I have.”

The team are taking their promotion seriously and are dedicated to achieving victory for the club and have already began training with great effort in preparation for their move up into the next division. They hope to progress into an even more successful and well-respected team.