Community correspondent Irina Harutunyan During the second week of the Easter holidays, a group of 37 students from years 11, 12 and 13, and 4 members of staff, had the fantastic opportunity to go on a school history trip to Washington.

The trip was supposed to last for one week during which the students were taken to many historical sites such as Gettysburg, and to many museums. The trip was an amazing opportunity for all students because they all either were studying American history, or were going to next year, therefore it was a wonderful opportunity to go to many places and see everything with their own eyes. For example, the Arlington cemetery was a very emotional and educational experience for students: much better than reading from a textbook.

The 41 members of Gumley House had a fantastic time throughout the week; however, due to the volcano eruption in Iceland, they were stranded and unable to get back home for an extra week. However, time was not wasted and everyone had a fantastic time.