The 28th May was the Gumley leavers day, a day where all of year 11 came in for 2 hours to, as is traditional, sign shirts, say goodbyes and show embarrassing photos in front of an entire assembly. Never mind the fact that we all saw each other again the next day, for a science exam, or that we will all be together again in other exams and the leaver’s mass that will be held in a month’s time.

What I thought was more symbolic however, was the day before, the last day of lessons any of year 11 will ever have in that brown uniform that we’ve come to know so well. Next year we will either be in our own clothes or a different uniform, clean and new, unlike the frayed school jumpers we’ve had for the last five years. Also, there will be no more English for some of us; no more maths or no more geography. So many lessons we’re leaving behind, though we can’t give up on them just yet, not with the exams in the coming weeks.

This year, and year 10, has gone in a blur of revision and work, mixed in with fun times and detentions, and a few crazy memories that we can’t remember most of. But hopefully we’ll remember the important bits: the friends, the good memories and the equations of motion.