As I am an active member of my school library I participated in World Book Day. It was on March 4th 2010 and to celebrate it, I helped the library make posters and bookmark to publicise the event within the school.

On the day itself, the librarian organised puzzles, like word searches and crosswords, to do with authors and books. We also had Celia Rees, author of ‘Pirates’, ‘Witchchild’ and many others, visit our school and give talks to some of the classes. She talked about how to write books and answered questions about being an author with years 8 and 9 at the beginning of the day. Later she went on to talk about the historical settings of ‘Pirates’ and ‘Sovay’ to a group of year 10’s. Also, during the day, she did book signings of her books which were being sold in the library on that day, and for any other books of hers that we had.

Both Celia Rees and my school librarian, Mrs Richardson, are very enthusiastic about World Book Day and passion for reading. Celia said: ‘If anyone should doubt children’s enthusiasm for reading they should come to a school on World Book Day’.