So the close season is in full swing, giving Brentford’s hardworking players the chance to recharge their batteries, either by putting up their weary feet or by chasing totty in Magaluf.

You would think that, like the Bees players, I too am deserving of a break (and, for the record, in case The Girlfriend is reading, I’d favour the feet up option ahead of the totty chasing) having done my utmost to keep you, the general public, amused for months on end with my musings on all things Brentford.

This gig is tougher than it looks, you know, particularly when I don’t even have so much as a Johnstone Paints Trophy match to inspire me.

Without wishing to get myself in trouble, my editor is a touch on the cruel side (you are in trouble – Ed) and is forcing me to continue with the column throughout the summer, so if my dispatches drop below the usual high standard (can you imagine!) then you’ll know exactly who to blame.

At least this year we’ve got the World Cup to look forward to and I should be able to wring a few columns out of that, particularly if Tommy Smith, who played for us a few times during a recent loan spell from Ipswich Town, is selected for New Zealand.

Away from events in South Africa, I guess I’ll be keeping you posted on such thrilling occurrences as the moving of the Griffin Park dugouts and the unveiling of the new Bees kit.

As if that kind of gold dust isn’t exciting enough, then I can also keep you updated on the latest news on the transfer front or, to be more accurate, I’ll be recounting all the rumours I’ve read on the internet about the players we might, but probably won’t, be signing.

In general, last summer’s signings – and I’m thinking the Dagenham Three and Cleveland Taylor in particular – didn’t quite reach the standards Andy Scott would have been hoping for, but I’m sure that, even as I write these words, he will be working as hard as he can to get the best possible players in so we can hit the ground running at the start of next season.

This time around, a flying right winger to match our left-sided pace merchant Myles Weston and a 20-goal striker to go with the permanent signings of Pim Balkestein and Toumani Diagouraga would do me fine. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?