Tooting MP Sadiq Khan today pledged his support for Ed Miliband as leader of the Labour party.

Mr Khan, who was yesterday promoted to shadow secretary of state for transport, announced his decision an hour ago after Mr Miliband officially confirmed his intention to run.

The unconventional choice lends weight to the idea that Mr Miliband may yet prove tough competition for his brother David, who is also a favourite for the job.

Mr Khan said: “I think Ed Miliband is a breath of fresh air in politics 2010.

"He’s got some of the values, the vision and the policies to take us through a what will be a difficult time.

“I think one of the things we should do as a party is renew ourselves and I think Ed Miliband is equipped with the skillset to re-energise and re-invigorate the Labour party. I’m really excited by the prospect of this contest.”