A failed asylum seeker who fraudulently claimed more than £100,000 in benefits while working in a supermarket has had her money seized and returned to the council.

Adesuwa Ojo-Osagie - who is also known as Queen Hanson - was jailed for eight months last year after a court heard she had used false identities to get into the country, work illegally and dishonestly claim benefits.

The Parchmore Road resident, whose asylum claim was turned down in 2001, also failed to declare she was married to a man who was working full-time for the Royal Mail.

After she was jailed at Croydon Crown Court the council’s anti-fraud team and police launched an operation to get the taxpayer’s money back.

It was discovered the 42-year-old had more than £120,000 in 26 bank accounts. She had received £114,941.67 for her false claims.

On May 4 Judge Ruth Dowling ordered that a total of £107,355.14 be confiscated and distributed between Croydon Council and central government.

The council will receive £22,203.49, the Department for Work and Pensions will receive £1,007.37 and the rest of the money, including her earnings of more than £28,000 from Sainsburys will go to central government.

Hanson also pleaded guilty to immigration offences at a hearing in February and was sentenced to a further four months suspended because the UK Border Agency is due to take further action.

Her husband’s visa was also revoked after it was established it had been obtained under false pretences.