The season is now well and truly over and that can only mean one thing – it is time to dish out the end-of-season Ealing (Road) Comedies awards...

Player of the year: This season, we opened the voting for this category to you, the public, and I am delighted to say you have been voting in your tens. Leon Legge, Myles Weston and Wojciech Szczêsny all picked up nominations but the winner of the most coveted award in football is Charlie MacDonald. The striker scored 17 goals, never stopped running and, to cap it all, signed a new contract that will keep him at the club for another two years.

The Wojciech Szczêsny award: Although he didn’t win player of the year, our immense Pole in goal deserves a category all to himself. He has provided plenty of moments to remember, making unbelievable save after unbelievable save, stopping only to act like a mad man in between – his ball-chucking tantrum after conceding a penalty against Huddersfield and his lunatic dash to confront Carlisle’s Richard Offiong will live particularly long in the memory.

The opposition manager we have loved to loathe: Despite a strong showing from the hideous Alan Pardew, there was only ever going to be one winner – step forward Mr Mark Stimson. Continuing his misguided feud with Andy Scott made him public enemy number one and, oh, how we loved rubbing it in during our 4-0 win at Griffin Park in February. The fact the Gills then managed to snatch relegation from the jaws of survival on the final day of the season, with the bald muppet swiftly being handed his P45 as a result, made it all the sweeter.

The he was great against us last season award: There was much excitement when Andy Scott secured the loan signing of John Akinde in January. Only a year earlier, the big striker had ripped us to shreds when playing for Wycombe Wanderers. Sadly, that performance was the biggest flash in a pan since my mum started splashing her Sunday evening sherry around our kitchen and, in the end, Akinde’s Brentford career didn’t last long.

Highlight of the year: The 86th minute of McDons away. Freezing cold, no shots on goal and utterly miserable, then, suddenly, Charlie Mac popped up to gift us the most undeserved three points of the season against the Franchise scum. Magic.

Lowlight of the year: Getting royally stitched up (allegedly! Ed) over Michael Turner’s transfer from Hull City to Sunderland is pipped by the disgraceful incident that left a Brentford supporter injured, thanks to the mindless behaviour of one our number away to Millwall.

Most effective steward: Hartlepool’s Scott ‘Kiddie-hurler’ Flinders.