An off-duty nurse dragged a man and a woman free from the wreckage of a car which flipped on to its roof during an accident on the A24 Epsom Road , in Morden, at 5.30pm today.

The road is closed in both directions at the junction with Lower Morden Lane. Fire, police, and ambulance crews are still at the scene.

Witnesses say Kingston Hospital nurse, Lucy Jay Bellinger, 24, ran from her home opposite the accident at 5.30pm and helped a couple in their mid 20s escape from an estate car as it lay on its roof.

They have been taken to hospital and although their injuries are not thought to be serious, Ms Bellinger administered first aid before ambulance crews arrived.

She said: “This is the sort of thing I do on a daily basis so it’s nothing special to me. I guess I was just doing my job.”

The fire brigade initially said two vehicles were involved in the crash, although only one damaged car is reported to be at the accident scene.

It is unclear for how long the A24 will be closed, but passengers were seen getting off buses held up outside the Woodstock pub and continuing their journey by foot.

A passing consultant from St George’s Hospital also helped provide first aid before ambulance crews arrived, 10 minutes after the accident.