By Community Correspondent Clare Kakembo.

Against Racial Discrimination, Exclusion, Anti Social Behaviour by WBC; upon the Multi- Ethnic residents / tenants in SPORLE COURT; Winstanley Estate, LATCHMERE WARD, London SW11 Due to: The above average percentage of minority ethnic residents placed into this 23 Stories tower-block. Against their will without any option of alternative housing. Homeless, in need of a home, victims are informed that they must accept this housing or remain homeless.

Resulting in a 70% minority ethnic mix population, of approx.400 residents, in the tallest, coldest, most windswept, damp / condensation, told to open their windows and thereby, losing any heating, home. CO2 emissions and high heating costs and all health / mental deficits are IMPOSED.

Wandsworth has published to have a 20 – 29% minority ethnic mix.

Therefore, it is obvious that the most vulnerable, with possible language difficulties, lack of confidence, are the victims.

The URGENT needs are: Double Glazing, External Cladding and Community facilities.

Other low build housing here, on this estate, had Double Glazing installed many years ago. The tower-blocks were excluded. Although this was promised to all.

Wandsworth claims to have the DECENT HOMES Standard, for ALL its housing stock, SINCE 2007.


This locality suffering – quoting Publications by Police, Home Office, PCT,NHS that have been submitted to WBC – i.e. the shortest life Span of residents, the lowest birth weight of babies born in Wandsworth. The highest incidents – above UK average– of Domestic Violence and Abuse.

Communications is the Essence of Humanity and we are deprived of it! By: The sale or conversion of all community facilities that were inbuilt, here, for high density living.

These are the ADVERSE CONSEQUENCES of the LOWEST COUNCIL TAX in the UK by our SelfcongratulaTORY landlord.

I COMPLAIN on behalf of others. In loco parentis. Not about them but FOR them. Having a black son. We have suffered Racial Discrimination /Abuse in the past. I recognise it and oppose the inhumanity of it! “All it takes, for EVIL to prevail, IS, for good men to do NOTHNG!”

(Sporle Court Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator)