Last week I spoke of our pressing need to recapture both our form and momentum after the lethargic performance in what was such a big game against QPR.

So there we were 1-0 down at Pride Park and being completely outplayed by a Derby team with nothing to play for and I was sinking further and further into depression, thinking the season was fizzling out and the fight was lost.

Fortunately, I was doing the players a disservice as they did once again what they have managed to do time and time again this season; they fought back showing all the fight, energy and courage they have had to do all season in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Backed by a vociferous red and blue army and buoyed by the introduction of Stern John, we put on a fine performance and were desperately unlucky not to win the game.

A point keeps us well placed in the fight for survival and gives us the luxury of not needing to defeat high-flying West Brom on Monday night.

The players can’t be drawn into this way of thinking though as the simple fact of the matter is that victory on Monday could secure our Championship status and would put the cherry on top of an amazing season.

Failure to beat the Baggies would mean another date with last day destiny and another nerve-wracking Sunday afternoon.

The pain of the last one still remains fresh in my mind, the images of which, whether it’s Andy Johnson and Wayne Routledge crying on the pitch, Simon Jordan’s face, or worst of all the jubilant scenes in the home end at the Valley, will haunt so many fans if this season is to go down to the wire.

If Hillsborough 2010 is to become as instrumental as The Valley 2005 then I am far more confident of this crop of players being able to instead recreate the euphoria of our greatest escape at Stockport in 2001.

These players have shown huge character and despite late payments, administration, player sales, injuries and losing their manager, have never lost their determination to perform to the best of their abilities and have been a credit to the football club.

Despite this, circumstances off the field look no better with the CPFC 2010 consortium releasing a statement asking fans to continue putting in place contingency plans in the event of their bid failing.

Hopefully, it is merely a bluff in the dangerous game of poker that is being played out with the administrators of Selhurst Park.

We can only hope that PricewaterhouseCoopers do not call their bluff as no matter how much we want to save our club it will always be beyond the reach of the fans.

Even during the last administration period, when the need seemed greater somehow, just over £1,000,000 is all that could be raised, which unfortunately for us is a drop in the ocean as far as Crystal Palace Football Cub is concerned.