Thames Ditton will be invaded by the Scottish on St George's Day, with the Tannahill Weavers set to play the town's award-winning Ram Folk Club.

Hailed as the Led Zeppelin of folk, the Weavers, who formed in 1968, create music that switches from ballads to out-and-out, hell-for-leather tunes.

Named after Scottish poet Robert Tannahill, the band released their last studio album, Arnish Light, in 2003.

A spokesman for the club joked that a more suitable act could have been chosen for St George's night.

"They are one of the all-time great Scottish bands and have a pedigree as long as a caber," he said.

"Mists will swirl and babes won't sleep, but this lot are awesome."

The event, which starts at 8pm, will take place at the Old Cranleighan Club in Portsmouth Road.

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