A Tory councillor's father was shocked to see his front garden had grown a fine set of Liberal democrat posters overnight.

Edward Crowley, son of Councillor Tim Crowley, called the newsdesk to complain after he woke up on April 16 to find his fenced-off front garden littered with the bright yellow campaign posters.

The Pine Crescent resident said: “I think it’s totally crass. We’ve always been Conservative.

"It’s not acceptable that someone can enter your property and hammer something into the ground without your permission.”

Mr Crowley lives in the Carshalton South and Clockhouse ward, which has three councillors, one of whom is his son Tim.

Paul Scully, leader of Sutton Conservatives, said: “For us we are trying to run a positive campaign tackling crime and anti-social behaviour not playing daft little games like this.

“There are far more important things to be doing such as highlighting the issues that matter in Sutton.”

Ruth Dombey, deputy leader of Sutton LibDems, denied there was an agenda against Tory residents but accepted there had been some stake board vandalism recently. She said: "I can absolutely guarantee it wasn't us, we have a strict list of addresses. "Besides why would we bother putting them up in a cul-de-sac?"