A radical campaign group were thrown out of Magistrates Court on Tuesday after questioning the "legitimacy of the judge and British law".

Members of the Freeman Movement were dragged out of court and arrested after they asked the judge to recite the oath she had taken when she became a magistrate.

According to one member of the group she refused to do so and ordered them out of the court.

A man who goes by the name of Peace Little and who said he was in his 30s, said: “Britain is a common law jurisdiction country and we simply wanted the judge to confirm the oath of office she took.

“We were at court for a couple of different cases to come up. She said the people in those cases didn’t present themselves, although they were in the room, she still wouldn’t produce her oath.

“Common law, simply, is causing no harm or loss to another human being, however we have had a whole mass of legislation lumped on top of us. It is no longer about protecting the public it ‘s about creating revenue.

The two members of the same group were in court for non-payment of a train ticket.

Leader of the group, Mirthful Merryweather was arrested opposite the court.