Two brave men will give new meaning to the term dog tired on Sunday, when they attempt the London Marathon with one blindfolded and the other dressed as a guide dog.

David Boon, from Walton, and David Hartley, from Surbiton, hope to raise £15,000 for guide dogs with their team

Inspired by Sarah Benton, who went blind in her 20s living in Weybridge, the pair have been training in Richmond Park - where Mr Hartley’s dog suit has been causing quite a stir.

Mr Hartley said: “We’re hoping it won’t be a really hot day. In training we’ve been amusing a lot of people in Richmond Park, who wonder why there is a giant dog emerging over the brow of a hill, with a blindfolded man in tow.

“The dog suit has restricted visibility so we really have our work cut out. However, we are determined to make a difference and so grateful to everyone who is supporting us.”

Mr Boon said: “It’s very unnerving even walking blindfolded, let alone running. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. It’s quite scary when you bump into something or trip so I am relying completely on David as my guide.”

“It is a crazy plan but we really hope we can pull it off.”

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