A lucky pensioner has scooped the jackpot at the St Raphael’s Hospice lottery last week.

Rita Porter, from Wallington, won the £2,600 rollover prize in the hospice’s weekly lottery held last Friday (April 16).

The St Raphael’s Hospice Lottery costs £1 per week per entry, and has a guaranteed first prize of £1,000 a week, plus a rollover prize which if not won accumulates up to a maximum of £10,000.

Mrs Porter said: “I have known people who have been helped by St Raphael’s Hospice.

"It’s an essential local service, but I think that people don’t always realise how essential it is, until you have known someone personally who needs hospice care.

“I couldn’t speak highly enough of St Raphael’s which is why I am more than happy to support this local charity.”

Keith Witham, fundraising director at St Raphael’s Hospice, said: “It may not compare with the National Lottery’s £17 million, but you have considerably more chance of winning something on our local lottery.”

“£1,000 each week, or the occasional larger prize, may not change your life, but it will give you a nice surprise for the weekend.”

Every penny of the lottery’s profits go directly to St Raphael’s Hospice and last year it generated almost £100,000.

To join the St Raphael’s lottery download an application at straphaels.org.uk/lottery or call 020 8335 4576.