By Community Correspondent Sarah Lutton The children and staff of Wallace Fields Junior School in Ewell have been digging deep to raise money for Adam, a little boy in urgent need of specialist cancer treatment. Six year old Adam Bird suffers from a rare and aggressive form of cancer found only in children called Neuroblastoma and now needs to travel to America for this treatment. So, for a week last month, the children raided their piggy banks, searched their pockets and reached down the back their sofas to bring in all their copper coins for ‘Adams Appeal’. By the Friday, hoop-fulls of coins displayed on the floor of the school hall amounted to a whole statck of money. Together with additional donations and other fund raising events, including an Easter basket raffle, the school to date has raised over £1,000.

Head teacher, Bob Mapleson, said, 'Since his diagnosis last summer, Adam, whose older sister and brother are both at our school, has gone through a whole raft of intensive and exhausting treatments. Our heart goes out to all the family whose whole life is consumed by Adam's illness. I'm delighted at how my staff, the children, their families and the PTA have shown their support and generosity. We will continue to do what we can with fundraising to help Adam's parents get the money they need so that this brave little boy can travel to America for his best hope of successful treatment. Our efforts will continue throughout the summer term."