Well, it wasn’t exactly Ronnie Scott’s, but the Live Room at Twickenham Stadium was just as enticing and glamorous. A wonderful and intimate, if underused, venue. A good space with strong atmosphere.

The very presence of the wonderful Georgie Fame and his one-off concert last night made it even stronger. The crowd packing out all the semi-worshippers like myself.

Performances began at 8 with the strong and talented Robin Bibi Band. And there was indeed some incredible music played. Blues being a big feature from this amazing trio. I started my evening swallowing my impatience for you-know-who and emerged from the first half a true admirer of Robin Bibi.

Mr Fame came on about nine with his two wonderful sons. And although drained from a week at Ronnie Scott’s and frustrated about flying home to Sweden – or non-flying – he still gave a generous and wonderful performance. Yeh, yeh came very quickly and Getaway, and an incredible silky-voiced version of Georgia. In between he filled us in on his early days in London and the music business, which could have been a show in itself. And we were treated to two numbers from his son Tristan on the guitar and vocals. An incredibly talented musician – now there’s a surprise.

Even the mention of Country and Western and Jim Reeves which would normally dampen my ardour, came up trumps. And the last number was Bonnie & Clyde. A fabulous song. Despite Mr Fame describing it as corny. I crumbled at his words. That song meant a lot to me and everyone else.

We emerged about 11.15 sated and elated. It was strange how I walked in tired and feeling the effects of a long Sunday, and then walking out not wanting the evening to end. In the words of the late Blossom Dearie: My goose is cooked, I'm getting hooked on Georgie Fame.

Come back soon, Georgie