Transition Town Wandsworth is holding a Jam N’ Beets night, at the Bedford pub in Balham on Sunday, April 25, from 4pm to 7pm.

The night billed as “an open mic night with a difference”, will encourage comedians, musicians, poets and story tellers of all genres and interests hit the stage, perform and trade.

If an audience member wants to get hold of the artists book, CD or poem, they have to trade something they had made themselves.

One organiser said: “I might trade a bottle of my nettle beer for your poem, you might be bung me a jar of chutney and a chilli plant for my CD, if i'm lucky. Anything left over can be exchanged at the end. It's a strange twist on the jam night concept but, who knows, it might just work.”

It is hoped the night will bring the transition concept, dealing with the twin challenges of peak oil and climate change, to a wider audience.

The group want readers to spread the word so anyone interested in performing on the night can get involved.

If you want to perform or be a guest in the audience email Transition Town Wandsworth at