A catering assistant has been banned from swearing as part of a two-year antisocial behaviour order (Asbo) which also prohibits from entering parts of Epsom’s Longmead Estate.

Samuel Kilpatrick, 17, of Tichmarsh, Epsom, has been told he can no longer use swearwords and the court order also bans him from walking through areas of the estate and hanging around with specific people.

He appeared at Reigate Magistrates’ court on Wednesday, April 14, where he was given the two-year Asbo.

Epsom Neighbourhood Specialist Officer PC Catherine Hearn said: “Samuel Kilpatrick has acted in an anti-social manner on the Longmead Estate in Epsom on numerous occasions and has persistently demonstrated he did not intend to improve his behaviour.

“I know the local community was fed up with Kilpatrick’s verbally abusive behaviour which is why Surrey Police and our partners have taken this zero-tolerance approach towards him.

“The two-year Asbo has been put in place to prevent any further instances of his anti-social activity and also to protect the local community on the Longmead particularly from witnessing and also becoming victims of his behaviour.

“Anyone who thinks they are above the law and can behave in an anti-social way, as Kilpatrick did, is very much wrong.

"Surrey Police will not hesitate to take robust action against anyone behaving in a similar way and the Epsom Safer Neighbourhood Team is not afraid to use all aspects of the law to keep our communities safe."

The order bans Kilpatrick from associating certain people in the exclusion area, which includes Hollymoor Lane, Lincoln Walk, Dorset Square, Rutland Close, Sefton Road with the exception of passing and re-passing on the outside pathway on Hollymoor Lane junction with Ormonde Avenue up to Longmead Road.

He is also forbidden from behaving in a verbally abusive manner, behaving in a threatening manner by making hand gestures, squaring up to members of the public or making any threat to harm any person, and distressing any member of the public in public place.

The order also bans him from being abusive to any police officer within hearing distance of any member of the public.

Epsom Neighbourhood Inspector Ailsa Quinlan added: “Our partners are fully supportive of this Asbo in order to protect residents living on the Longmead estate and also the wider Epsom community.

"We feel strongly that local residents and the business community deserve to feel safe going about their daily business.”

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