One of the Taberner House managers at the centre of an alleged council tax fraud has quit ahead of his disciplinary hearing, meaning he will not be quizzed by Croydon Council.

Bryan Freer is believed to have resigned from his post as manager of the one-stop reception before he was due to face bosses at last week's disciplinary hearing, sources at Taberner House have revealed.

It is unclear whether Mr Freer will face any further investigation as his resignation now means he is not part of disciplinary proceedings.

A Taberner House source, who does not want to be identified, told the Croydon Guardian: "It is understood that Bryan Freer has left the council's employment before his own hearing.

"This means he is no longer subject to the council's disciplinary proceedings."

Mr Freer and Jennie Vosper, housing benefit and council tax revenue manager, were suspended from duty last month following allegations made over council tax irregularities.

Police initially visited Taberner House when the allegations were first made but because the amount involved in the alleged irregularities is thought to be small it was not treated as a criminal matter and council bosses dealt with the investigation in-house'.

Due to Mr Freer's departure, it is thought Ms Vosper faced bosses alone at a disciplinary hearing last Tuesday. The result of her hearing has not yet been revealed.

A Croydon Council spokesman confirmed that one of the two suspended officers had resigned and left the council before a disciplinary hearing could take place. However, they were unable to provide any information relating to the second member of staff.