When I first volunteered for a past-life regression I had romantic notions of discovering I had been a can-can dancer at the Moulin Rouge in a former life.

However, my hopes of unearthing a glamorous history were dashed 10 minutes into my session with Forestdale psychic Steve Williamson, when I discovered I was actually a middle-aged, 18th century woodcutter called Bob Smythe.

Not the past life I was hoping for, but intriguing none the less.

My session began with 37-year-old Steve using deep breathing techniques, not unlike those used in meditation, to project me to my past life.

While I was fully conscious throughout, I did feel noticeably sleepy, calm and found it easy to visualise the images Steve instructed me to form as part of a mental picture.

Steve's technique does not involve him telling the client what they were in a previous life but more what the client can tell him about what they see during the regression.

So, guided by Steve, I delved into my past life'. In my mind's eye I was projected to a wooden cabin in the middle of a forest, which I later learned was the home of one Bob Smythe a woodcutter who lived near Nottingham in 1792 who frequented a pub called the Dog and Duck.

However, I was unsure whether these revelations from my regression came from a genuine previous life experience or my overactive imagination a reaction which, Steve says, is very common.

"A lot of people say that," he says. "But I've had instances where people have been able to research their past life and have actually discovered that person existed in historical records."

Steve also uses past-life regression as a therapy. He claims to have helped one client overcome an irrational fear of the sea by taking her back to a previous life.

"It turns out she died on board the Titanic," he says. "A few weeks later she called me from the seaside with her children. She was cured.

"Another young woman, who had a deep-rooted dislike of anyone touching her neck, saw gallows during her regression. Afterwards she said, that explains it'."

My own past-life regression did not convince me either way of its authenticity. A cursory Google internet search on Bob Smythe in 1792 threw up nothing which bore any similarities to my past-life persona. However, a more detailed and thorough bit of research might prove otherwise.

What did impress me though was the psychic reading which followed my regression.

Steve told me that my grandmother who died in 2003 had made contact with him and he proceeded to relay several messages from beyond the grave'.

Most of what he told me was of personal significance, things he could not possibly have known prior to our meeting.

Steve works from his home as a psychic medium and the married dad-of-two says he has also helped police in cases of missing persons.

His list of services also includes exorcisms. Steve's next exorcism will take place at one of the most gruesome addresses in British criminal history 10 Rillington Place in Ladbroke Grove.

The address is the former home of serial killer John Christie who was hanged in 1953 for the murders of eight women between 1943 and 1953. The remains of his victims were found in the house and buried in his garden including that of his wife Ethel, whose body was found underneath floorboards in the front room.

Steve adds: "I was contacted by someone who lives in one of the converted flats at the old address of 10 Rillington Place.

"She's hearing a man's voice calling out for Ethel, Christie's wife.

"There's a very bad vibe in the place and I will be performing an exorcism there."

Steve is planning on touring the area with psychic workshops and demonstrations of his mediumship in the near future.

For further information call 020 8407 0205 or email steveesp @blueyonder.co.uk.