A man accused of murdering a City financier had wounds sustained during the alleged attack stitched at Mayday Hospital, the Old Bailey was told last week.

The court heard Elliot White attended the hospital the day after 49-year-old John Monckton was stabbed to death at his Chelsea home.

The banker's wife Homeyra was also knifed before two robbers took items of her jewellery.

White, of Richmond Way, Shepherds Bush, and Damien Hanson, 24, of no fixed address, deny murder and the attempted murder of Mrs Monckton. White has admitted robbery.

It is claimed White, 24, went to the hospital to seek treatment for a knife gash sustained during the robbery on November 29 last year.

The pair tricked their way into the Monckton's luxury Chelsea home after posing as postmen.

During the raid they stabbed the financier to death and knifed his wife Homeyra, 46, in the back, it is claimed.

Mr Monckton later died but Mrs Monckton survived.

It is claimed White sustained a stab wound in the struggle and allegedly left a trail of blood as he and Hanson fled towards Kings Road escaping with jewellery.

Richard Horwell, prosecuting, said: "With truly remarkable coolness they got on with their plan. They had to dispose of their clothing and of course they had to tend to Mr White's wounds."

White is believed to have gone home to Shepherds Bush but returned to Thornton Heath the following morning to have his knife wounds stitched at Mayday Hospital, London Road.

The pair were arrested last December.

White admitted being at the scene but blamed Hanson for the attack.

The trial continues.