It will go down among the superhero community as the greatest gatecrash ever.

Sutton’s very own superhero SOS produced a performance any crimefighter would envy when he blagged a ticket to the Leicester Square premiere of blockbuster superhero movie Kick-Ass.

Having arrived at the cinema as his civilian alter-ego and failed to talk his way in to the screening, the vigilante nipped into a nearby telephone box and donned his familiar yellow costume.

Within minutes a ticket for the exclusive premiere was thrust into his hand and he was suddenly rubbing shoulders on the red carpet with stars like Brad Pitt and Nicolas Cage.

SOS, who this week was unmasked as 31-year-old Steve Sale, said: “I went down to the cinema in my normal clothes and didn’t really get anywhere so I quickly changed into my SOS outfit and suddenly everyone was chatting away to me and taking photos.

“Out of nowhere a lady gave me a free ticket. I couldn’t believe it.

"I met Jonathan Ross, whose wife wrote the screenplay, and mingled with lots of other stars.

“It was quite surreal in the cinema itself and some of the audience were a little alarmed when I sat down in my seat.”

The film Kick-Ass, in which a geeky student with no super powers attempts to become a superhero, bears a striking resemblance to SOS’s own film, screened in Sutton last month, Superhero Me.

The film showed SOS's attempts to change his diet, "learning to fly" in a wind tunnel and meeting up with other superheroes around the world, including Entomo - Insect Man - in Naples, Italy.

Mr Sale said: “I travelled far and wide, to places such a Naples, to research my film but its origins really go back to Batman.

"The caped crusader didn’t have any superpowers but had courage, money and willpower.

“The point is, like the film Kick-Ass, anyone can become a superhero.”

Despite his secret identity being discovered Mr Sale said he’s not quite ready to retire.

Mr Sale said: “It’s a shame that it’s out there but what can you do.

"I’ve not hung up my cape just yet but am on what you could describe as a sabbatical.”

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