Former Croydon boxer Winston McKenzie has quit Veritas after his disastrous election result blaming the party's leader Robert Kilroy-Silk for a lack of support.

Winston says his campaign to stand as the Veritas candidate for Croydon North has left him thousands of pounds out of pocket and "disillusioned" with the party.

Winston finished seventh out of nine candidates in the May 5 election, gaining just 324 votes, which resulted in him losing his deposit, required to stand for election.

Parliamentary candidates get their £500 deposit back if they receive five per cent or more of the total votes cast.

However, Winston says the cost of running for parliament on behalf of Veritas has been far greater. He said: "I've put a few thousand into my campaign to run for election on behalf of Veritas and it's all gone.

"I'm disgusted and disillusioned with the party. I know I could have got a better result had Robert Kilroy-Silk given more support to his candidates perhaps I would have even got my deposit back. I have found that Veritas is mostly about Robert Kilroy-Silk and he gave little or no help to his candidates, particularly those in the south-east who really needed it. I blame Robert Kilroy-Silk squarely for my disastrous campaign."

Marianne Bowness, Winston's personal assistant and Veritas candidate for the Croydon Central seat, has also quit the party but declined to comment further on her decision.