Sadiq Khan has been elected as the new MP for Tooting, retaining the seat for Labour despite a swing to the Conservatives.

Mr Khan replaces outgoing Labour MP Tom Cox, who stood down this year after 35 years in the post.

Mr Cox left his seat with a very comfortable 10,400 majority, which has now been slashed in half to 5,381.

Mr Khan, born and bred in Tooting, said after the result was announced: "My father died recently. He would've been proud that his friends and neighbours, his community, voted for his child to be member of parliament for Tooting.

"Tooting is a fantastic place and I honestly believe this Labour Government has made it even better."

Mr Khan praised his competitors - Conservative James Bethell and Lib Dem Stephanie Dearden - for a "clean fight" during the election campaign

The results:

James Bethell - Conservative - 12,533

Stephanie Dearden - Liberal Democrat - 8,110

Sadiq Khan - Labour - 17,914

Strachan McDonald - UK Independence Party - 424

Ian Perkin - Independent - 192

Siobham Vitelli - Green - 1,695

Ali Zaidi - Respect the Unity Coalition - 700

Turnout: 58.25 per cent