A group of Asian teenagers have written and produced a song to make their voices heard by Croydon's politicians.

The teenagers, aged between 15 and 21, spent three sessions working together to write Who Am I? What Am I? as part of a pilot project by Croydon's Asian Youth Forum.

The newly-formed forum intends to send the finished CD to Croydon Council's community network committee to ensure the views of the borough's young Asian community are heard.

Each of the young people wrote a line expressing their thoughts and feelings about the failure of community leaders to listen to what they have to say, the lack of opportunities available to them and their cultural identity.

They were joined together in the verses and recorded on to a CD at the Winterbourne Youth Centre in Thornton Heath.

The CD was produced with the help of Catherine Pestano, from Croydon Intercultural Singing Project, and music industry professionals including Croydon singer/songwriter Lorraine Cato and DJ and rapper JD aka Dready from the So Solid Crew.

Mobeen Butt, of the Asian Youth Forum, said: "The point that we are trying to make is that there isn't a platform out there for young people to speak out on, or when there is are the political leaders actually listening?

"The project also gave young Asians the chance to experience song writing and see the technical side to producing a track, which many would never have the opportunity to do.

"Hopefully this will start a dialogue between young Asians and the people who can make a change in Croydon."

The group hopes to follow on from the success of the pilot project by obtaining funding to produce an album and video.

The group is also hoping to encourage more young people to get involved in its work.

It meets every other Friday at Winterbourne Youth Centre in Thornton Heath. The first meeting after Christmas is on Friday, January 7. Call 07817 335304 or email asian youthforums@lycos.co.uk.