Food proved to be the language of love for one couple who have just published their own cookery book.

Yvonne, 36, a vegetarian, and Tony Bishop-Weston, 43, a vegan, met through their mutual interest in vegetarianism.

They have just produced their first cookery book Vegan, packed with recipes for the 250,000 vegans in Britain.

Nutrition consultant Yvonne who works at Croydon's Oasis Centre, in the High Street, provided a list of healthy ingredients and challenged her husband to create more than 90 recipes to show people vegan food is more than just about tired nut roasts and predictable vegetable stir-fries.

The pair met three years ago at a Vegetarian Society ball. They married three months ago.

Tony, who works for the Vegan Society, has had no formal cooking training but learnt how to created impressive dishes while running a guest house in Scotland.

Yvonne said: "I provided the ingredients and how to balance them nutritionally and Tony went away and made benefits that can come with changing your diet."

Vegan is on sale at the Oasis Centre. To contact Yvonne about a nutritional consultation call 07702 558639.